He has the experience needed

My experience with Dan Moran selling my house was great. Dan has a lot of qualities you want in a realtor: experience, good listener, smart, accessible, and patient. Dan is a good listener which allows him to understand every customer is unique and meet his or her needs. He has the experience needed to really understand the housing market of Indianapolis. For my situation, he was able to set an appropriate price to the house that generated multiple home offers that were at or above my intended selling price. After receiving the offers, he was ready for all scenarios, and was patient in explaining the details and answering my questions. This really helped guide me to choose the best offer and manage counteroffers. Dan was very engaged in the process from the time we received the offer to the final closing. He was accessible by phone and email seemingly anytime in the day or evening. He made my life easier by doing all of the documents electronically, saving me from having to leave work from the hospital to sign papers. In summary, I highly recommend Dan Moran as a realtor for your home.